The interest on inequality has increased in the last decade or so as the actual level of inequality of income seems to have reached the same levels of the beginning of the last century, de facto voiding the attempts to reduce income disparities after WWII. The interest in inequality has to do with two related sets of factors: on the one side there are the relationships between inequality and growth/development, on the other side there are those between inequality and institutions and political regimes. This entails concepts such as political, civil and legal rights and gives inequality a more complex and multi-faceted dimension. For these reasons, the concept of inequality is difficult to capture as it is intrinsically linked to: political freedom, quality of life, personal characteristics. The concept of inequality is therefore multidimensional and interdisciplinary in nature, as it encompasses different domains. This brings into the picture elements such as education, employment, health. But more in general participation to civil society, which has also to do, not only with concepts such as employment, but, for instance, uncertainty and security of employment, of health, of education, of justice.


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